Sharing Happiness By Enhancing Quality Of Life

At Sentiss, we believe that real change comes about when people give not just money, but their time as well. We are proud to be able to do both! We call this SEVA. Each employee contributes 2 man-days annually to SEVA initiatives.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility programs are centered around health, education and protecting the environment. We strive to contribute 2% of our net profits to our SEVA projects. We are proud to have multiple ongoing and meaningful projects for the community and continue to identify and add more projects to our SEVA banner every year.




I was always passionate to build a business with uncompromising quality of products and services

“Sentiss was built to overtake challenges in providing superior quality healthcare”

Deepak is a first-generation entrepreneur who followed his entrepreneurship passion in 1990 by establishing a pharma-based entity- Promed Exports. Under his dynamic leadership and direction, Promed, now Sentiss Pharma, has grown into a multi-million multinational and achieved remarkable growth over the last three decades. He has led robust strategies and corporate governance at Sentiss to achieve high market ranking in ophthalmology sector at various market locations.

Deepak has led Sentiss from being a pharmaceutical exports manufacturer, to developing and structuring Sentiss’ first sterile manufacturing plant in an area of 13,500 sq. m back in 2007. Under his leadership, Sentiss is today capable of developing complex generic ophthalmic products and proudly holds an established R&D facility. Deepak likes to call Sentiss a 32-year young company.

Having completed his schooling in 1979 from St. Columba’, an all-boys school, in Delhi, India; Deepak believes to have inculcated his “push-yourselves-out-of-your-comfort-zone” attitude from his school. Deepak endorses the very trait of making comfortable with the uncomfortable as the sole characteristic which can enhance the speed of decision making through crisis.

In 2014-15, Deepak created Sentiss Foundation, a philanthropic affiliate of Sentiss Pharma; supported and built schools, hospitals, and employment opportunities for women in rural areas. Deepak encourages all employees to reach the goal of contributing 16 hours of SEVA (also called service in Hindi) across Sentiss R&D, Plant and head-office employees, that is, two-man days of each employee every year are dedicated to sharing happiness by enhancing the quality of life of the people around us. He has lead initiatives such as building a school for under-privileged slum children- called Akshar-Gyan, a skill development center for women in the rural areas of Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh called Kala-Nidhi, and not for profit 25-bed hospital in Pataudi district of Gurugram, Haryana- called SADH Care Hospital, with a dedicated facility to provide best quality mother-and-child care facilities in the rural areas where health and hygiene is usually ignored, and sophisticated facilities were as far as 30 kilometers.

Referring to the pandemic times, Deepak says “We must understand that the time is tough for all of us, but it’s even tougher for some. It may sometimes be required of us to go beyond our assigned responsibilities- to comfort a colleague, to talk to them and lend an ear to their problems. We must sincerely obey the feeling to confide our worries, our fear, and troubles, be it in a family member or a colleague. I would request everyone to respect mental wellbeing of one another.”

Our CSR Activities


SADH Care Hospital: SADH Care Hospital, a Not-for-Profit multispecialty hospital, was setup in January 2017 by Sentiss Foundation in Pataudi, near Gurugram, Haryana- with the aim to bridge the gap between quality healthcare and affordable treatment.


Project Splash: Sentiss organizes and sponsors an on-the-spot painting competition and day-out programs for differently abled children in coordination with the Concern India Foundation.


Project Go Green: Sentiss supports the restoration of the environment and has had an ongoing tree plantation program which was started in 2010 at Nalagarh and Gurgaon. We have been planting about 2000 saplings every year.

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